A New York woman is desperate to find a priceless family heirloom given away by mistake.

Michelle Renee is searching for a cradle her grandfather built. "My grandpa built the cradle for my mom when she was pregnant. I slept in it when I was brought home from the hospital and so did my daughter and all of my cousins," she shared on Facebook.

The priceless family heirloom has gold plaques on one side that read 'Built by Grandpa Meyers,' followed by all the kids names. "This cradle was given away against my will and I would very much like it back."

Photo Credit - Michelle Renee
Photo Credit - Michelle Renee

Meyers is hoping someone has seen the handmade cradle at an antique store or someone picked it up from the side of the road at 100 Tuscarora Road in Lewiston, New York where it was left in April. "It belongs to the Meyers family and we hope and pray it can be returned."

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