Here's yet another example of NYSP Troopers showing how big their hearts really are.

There's many people who just see our law enforcement as the enemy. The people to look out for at every turn, as if police are only there to give you tickets. Plus amid other controversies they've faced the past three years, our boys in blue have been through a lot.

Never-the-less, the New York State Police continue to find ways to better their communities. And sometimes they go above and beyond making that goal a reality.

Credit - New York State Police via Facebook
Credit - New York State Police via Facebook

Starting School on the Right Foot

The NYSP Academy recently donated over 100 Wrestling shoes to public schools across Central New York. They were given by members of the 212th Basic School session, who just graduated from the Academy.

We would like to wish all of the students a healthy and successful wrestling season.

The shoes were divided and delivered to 8 schools, which included:

  • New Hartford
  • Sauquoit
  • Proctor (1st year)
  • Mount Markham
  • Richfield Springs
  • Sherburne/Earlville
  • Cazenovia
  • Herkimer (1st year)
12019 from pixabay
12019 from pixabay

The donation will help the schools build their wrestling clubs, especially for the two who are introducing wrestling as a school sport for the first time. What a away to get excited for the upcoming school year and season!

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Thank you to the New York State Police for always finding new ways to give back to the community. The schools, students and parents are extremely grateful for the donation.

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