New York State Police are using new and advanced technology to help with important cases and bring endangered residents to safety faster.

NYSP Sergeant David Olney of Troop D in Oneida is one the department's unmanned aerial system, AKA drone, operators. State Police in Herkimer recently notified Sergeant Olney of an ongoing search for an autistic child in a heavily-wooded area.

After just 30 minutes of scanning the area with his drone, Olney was able to find the missing boy and guide New York State Troopers right to him. The Troopers were then able to rescue the child and bring him to safety. Now if that isn't the most amazing show of teamwork, we don't know what is!

New York State Police

New York State Police shared Olney's story and a photo of him with one of the department's drones on its Facebook page. How about that neat technology?!

Of course, just as new tech like drones is helping NYSP in dire missing child cases, original tactics like the use of police K9s are continuing to provide top-notch assistance and bring these children home.

Back in June, the NYSP shared the story of K9 Stanley, who helped Troopers Craig Thornhill and Matthew Carniglia by sniffing out a dehydrated and disoriented missing boy in Mineville, saving his life.

New York State Police

Look at that face! We sure hope Stanley got all of the treats that day.

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