New York is known for a lot of amazing things, and some dark history. Perhaps in the chapters of the darkest would be a page on New York's Shampoo Bandit.

Ok, maybe not. But it still is a funny story to share.

Niagara Falls police have caught the "shampoo bandit" 42-year-old Shawn Awtry. Police have charged him with stealing hundreds of dollars of shampoo from Buffalo area stores.

WGRZ reports:

"The incidents began in early February when the CVS in the city market reported the theft of 32 bottles of shampoo worth more than $260 by a man who was seen on store video surveillance shoplifting products. Two days later, another drugstore nearby reported the loss of more than 20 bottles of shampoo worth $170."

The incidents began in early February, and hopefully will now be resolved. Bottles of conidtioner were taken in for questioning.


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