One New York school district is going above and beyond to keep their students and staff safe.

In the wake of the recent mass shootings, many people are wondering what we can do to prevent more tragedies like this from happening.  While politicians and lobbyists continue to argue instead of making any real changes, one local school district is taking the matter into their own hands.

Remo Security Doors claims their bullet resistant metal doors can turn an ordinary classroom into a safe room. The company says by replacing a school's old, unsafe classroom doors with their security doors, teachers can keep out any potential intruder. The company's website says forcing children into a dark corner during mandatory lockdown drills can have lifelong affects on their mental health. Also, some security experts question if the drills actually do anything to keep children safer.

The New York Post reports the bullet resistant doors are being installed for the first time in New York City at an all girls Jewish school. Next, Remo says hundreds of doors will be replaced at school districts in Tenafly, NJ and Newburgh NY.

The 150-pound classroom doors are made of galvanized steel and contain metal bars to make them impossible to open from the outside when locked. According to the company, a teacher can easily lock the doors from the inside without the use of electricity. Each door costs $2,500, but proponents of using the security doors say the peace of mind they bring are priceless.

What do you think about using bullet resistant doors in the classroom? Would you like to see more local school districts invest in them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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