I love anything peppermint. I love bacon/pork. Do you mix the two together? Sounds crazy right? Well, in New York one of our many treasures are Peppermint Pigs.

I heard someone mention this treat while driving on the thruway. I heard someone at a rest stop asking about it in the rest stop convenience store. I had no clue what it was and decided to research it. Maybe you're like me and have no idea what they are either.

Peppermint Pigs have been featured on the Food Network, the Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, CNN, CNBC, CBS New and countless magazines and newspapers across the country. How in the world have I never seen them?

So before you think people in New York mix peppermint and pork together, think again. That's not the case at all. Peppermint Pig is a New York candy from the Saratoga Candy Co:

This "Peppermint Pig™ as aptly it was named, was cast of hard candy similar in fashion to candy cane and festive pink in colour. And while the pig is honored in Victorian holiday tradition as a symbol of good health, happiness and prosperity, these special "Peppermint Pigs",™ unique to Saratoga Springs, New York, came to represent much more. They proudly stood for and old-fashioned Yuletide itself-a wonderful time when red-cheeked children laughed and rode old wooden sleds over fresh snow, when church bells pealed and fond recollections were shared by family and friends. After the holiday dinner, the Pig was passed amongst those gathered, each in turn giving the pouch a firm tap and sharing a tale of the past year's good fortune. The delicious broken peppermint and warm memories were enjoyed by all in hopes of prosperity for the coming year."

People all over Upstate smash these pigs with hammers, and share the delicious treat together. Isn't it crazy?

Certain Peppermint Pigs are only available October-January. However, you can try to place an order online anytime. Personally, I'd love to try one. They range in price from $7.99 - $20.99.


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