We all know New York is among the league leaders in snow, usually holding several spots in the snowiest cities in the United States. Now another feather in our toque as The Weather Channel crowns the top windiest cities.

Using statistics from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, the report uses the annual average wind speed and not a one-time blast from a storm to rank the cities. The communities' population had to be a minimum of 100,000 people. The envelope, please....

Buffalo comes in at #10 as the U.S.' windiest cities.  According to the report, the home of the Bills has an average daily wind speed of nearly 12 m.p.h. and once hit 82 back in 1967. I'm sure there's a "wide right" joke in there somewhere.

This may come as good news for Buffalo as they're ranking among the snowiest cities just dropped to # 5 this year. Check out the complete list of windy cities at The Weather Channel.com


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