Not all heroes wear capes, do they?  Less than a minute into this heartwarming video, those words are overheard in a conversation between a Rotterdam homeowner and another man laying flat on his stomach, attempting to save all eight of a mother duck's babies trapped in a sewer basin.

The "hero" in this video according to  is Matt Lupi, supervisor for the Town of Rotterdam Water and Sewer Department. In the video, Lupi is seen sprawled out on his stomach, delicately reaching down a storm drain.  Using a fishing net, Lupi was able to pull the baby ducklings up from the drain to safety while the mother duck paced back and forth on the nearby lawn.

According to the piece from, the homeowners said they saw the mother duck hanging around their house for a few days and suspected something was unusual. After checking a nearby storm drain, their intuition was correct and noticed the babies were trapped. That's when, according to the source, they flagged down Lupi and company.

It's also worth noting the mother duck wasn't going anywhere until all eight of her babies were rescued.  ccording to the Lupi, once the eight duckling waddled over, mommy and her babies "got out there as soon as possible."

I guess you can say these are some lucky ducklings.

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