The New York Health Department green lights legal marijuana. It was only a couple of months ago, Governor Cuomo said legal marijuana would be coming to the state in one way or another. With neighboring states, (Massachusetts and New Jersey), making it legal, it would appear there was little choice.

The Governor's first step was asking the state's health department to investigate the pros and cons of legalization. Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker has completed the study and will make an official report to the state house. He says in a nutshell, the study indicates, "the pros outweigh the cons" in legalizing pot.

That doesn't mean it's full steam ahead, Zucker suggests there are other things to be considered before a legalization program can be implemented.

  • the age of who can purchase marijuana
  • who can grow and distribute it
  •  the location of dispensaries
  • what rate the product would be taxed

No word on when the report will be officially delivered to the governor's office. Or what the next move will be from the state.


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