There are a ton of different places in the United States that get huge amounts of snowfall dumped on them, but one NY town gets an average of 214 inches per year.

214.2 inches of snow per year to be exact. That's the distinction the Town of Highmarket, NY gets each winter. identified the 'snowiest' places in America with just one NY listing.

Highmarket is actually no longer on the map, as the township was disbanded in the 1970's. The former Highmarket is actually now part of West Turin, NY.

It's hard to believe that only one place in all of New York State gets so much more snow than the rest of us, especially with all of the freak snow storms we've seen in the last few years.

And of course it hasn't been long enough for any Central New Yorkers to forget Winter Storm Stella crushing us with 4 feet in one day last March.

With all the snow that CNY and our surrounding areas get each year, are you surprised that only one NY town made this list?


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