A late Thursday night-early Friday morning fire on a movie set in Harlem has killed one New York Firefighter and seriously injured two others. The star-studded cast had just finished filming some late night scenes in Harlem when the blaze started.  Here's what happened.

The cast of the movie, "Motherless Brooklyn," starring Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe, and Alec Baldwin had just wrapped shooting scenes and were packing up their gear when they smelled smoke.

The first firefighters arriving on the scene headed into the basement where it began. However, it quickly spread into a 5 alarm fire and when the responders attempted to back out, nozzleman, Michael Davidson became separated from the group. He eventually died of smoke inhalation. Two other firefighters are being treated for serious burns.

The 37-year-old Davidson came from a family of firefighters and leaves behind a wife and 4 young daughters. Names of the injured firefighters haven't been released and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. More information is available at Metro News New York.


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