The new 'Die Hard 5' trailer is here (just moments after the new poster was revealed) and we finally get to meet John McClane's son, Jack. So does 'A Good Day to Die Hard' look like a chip off the old block?

This new 'Die Hard 5' trailer is not as effective as the first teaser trailer but it's not altogether horrible either (and certainly leaps and bounds ahead of that cornball teaser poster). Again, our only complaint is that this doesn't look like a 'Die Hard' film at all.

We do get to see the return of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the beginning of this footage, though we're gonna guess her appearance in this trailer is probably equivalent to her appearance in the movie itself.

This trailer doesn't exactly give away much of the plot, but we do know that the plot includes lots of explosions, jumping through things, falling through things, shooting things and crashing things. And Bruce Willis smirking. Watch the 'Die Hard 5' trailer below and let us know what you think.

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