Maybe 2017 is the year you plan on buying a home. Are you ready? Do you have all the information you need to make this dream become a reality? Take the HomeOwnershipCenter’s Home Buyer Education with me and find out!

My family size has completely doubled in the past few years. We have a 16 month old daughter at home (Avery), and my newborn son (Finley). My wife Sarah and I would like to own a home some day. However, sometimes the fear of student loans, and general debt get in the way. I'm just like you off the air, I face these same problems. However, thanks to the HomeOwnershipCenter, I'll be able to live that dream of being a home owner. They have so many tools and programs available for you to take advantage of.

On Saturday September 23rd I'll be taking the class. We can start this journey together. Big Frog 104 has teamed up with the HomeOwnershipCenter for a special class, with a special rate, snacks and giveaways! It all starts at 9AM that day where we will begin the journey together.

Free Money Out There For Us To Take

For starters, are you aware of the many Down Payment Assistance Programs offered to home buyers right here in Central New York? Whether you're planning on buying a home in Utica, maybe somewhere else in Oneida County, or even Madison County, there are programs out there that give you FREE MONEY. That's right, free money for down payment assistance. What’s the first step? Taking the Home Buyer Education class! Attending the class will provide you with all of the information on the programs including qualification and eligibility requirements. Here's a look at some of the programs:


City Of Utica Program

Based on the purchase price of the home you are looking to buy you could receive a fully forgivable grant UP TO $20,500 in down payment assistance.


West Utica

If you are looking to purchase in the West Utica targeted area, you could receive a fully forgivable grant for $6,500 in down payment assistance.


Oneida and Madison County Down-Payment Assistance + Rehabilitation

This down payment assistance and rehabilitation grant through the HomeOwnershipCenter is a fully forgiveable loan of $24,750. 51% of the grant must be used for rehabilitation ($14,750) and 49% of the grant can be used for down payment and/or closing costs ($10,000).


First Home Club

The First Home Club is a program is for anyone looking to buy in NYS. The Federal Home Loan Bank created this match savings program. So for every $1 you save they match $4 up to $7,500. The program is for those just beginning who need time to save and look to really see where they are in the process. The program is a minimum of 10 months and a max of 2 years. For example, if you chose to do the program for 10 months you’d have to save $188 a month for 10 months and then you’d be done with the program and ready to move on to searching for your new home.


What Is The Homebuyer Education Class?

This class teaches everything needed to become a successful homeowner. Budgeting, understanding credit, working with realtors, shopping for a loan, and learning to maintain a home are just a few of the topics covered. Kristen, who teaches the class, creates a fun environment to keep the class engaged. This isn't a boring fall asleep class. This is a class you'll be excited to take.

During class Kristen hands out an affordability worksheet for everyone to figure out how much house they can actually afford. They use real life figures, not just gross income. It may be shocking but going into possibly the biggest investment of your life knowing exactly what you can afford, will set you up for success not failure. Think of it like this: You wouldn't jump out of an airplane without knowing how a parachute works right? This class is designed to give you all the info you need to make the biggest investment of your life.

Here's a look at topics covered in class:
o Managing your Money
o Understanding Credit
o Are you Ready to Buy a Home?
o Shopping for a Home
o Obtaining a Mortgage Loan
o Protecting your Investment


How To Take Big Frog 104's Special Class On September 23rd 2017

Join Big Frog 104 for our Home Buyers Squad class on Saturday September 23rd starting at 9AM. This special class has limited spots open at a lower price, so register today because spots will fill quickly! There will be food, fun prizes, music and of course everything you need to know about purchasing your first home, during class. With this purchase you also receive 1 hour of Financial Coaching scheduled at a later date. I'll be taking the class with you! This will begin our journey of becoming home owners. You can find all the info on the HomeOwnershipCenter's website to register for this class.





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