A few weekends ago on September 23rd, I was lucky enough to be part of the Big Frog 104's Home Buyer Education class with the Homeownershipcenter. Honestly, I can't begin to describe how much I learned during this class.

The class wasn't boring by any means. It was extremely interactive with guest speakers, and Kristen the teacher made the information very fun, and easy to understand. It seemed that the entire class was learning, asking helpful questions, and now we all get to begin the journey together on home buying. We learned all aspects of home buying from looking for a home, to working with the banks, and working with realtors. Also, one thing I never even thought about before, the insurance aspect of owning a home.

One major piece of information I took away from class was how important home inspections truly are. You take all the time in the world to find the perfect home, but is it truly perfect? It may look incredible outside, have a beautiful backyard, that kitchen you've been dreaming of....but....is the foundation cracking? Is the electric set up properly? Is the plumbing working good? No matter what, get a house inspection. You'd be crazy not to spend the extra money on one.

After taking the class, I got a better idea of how to pay my credit debt off. Kristen taught us to make realistic goals. We would all love to pay everything off in a month, but that would be impossible. My wife Sarah and I set a realistic goal of having most of our debt paid off by November of 2018. That way, we have a little over a year to crack down. We also took a look at our budget, and saw what expenses we could cut and go without. That way, we could use that money to pay things off faster. Kristen made this very easy for me to understand, using real life examples from her life. My wife Sarah is always smart when it comes to these things, myself, I need to see things on paper and real examples to truly understand.

The next step is the one on one coaching that the Homeownershipcenter offers. During this, I'm excited to dive into my finances and see what we can do to stay on the right track. Even if you already own a home, this coaching is so important and you should consider taking a look at it.

Looking to take the next class? You can find their full schedules of classes, and other services offered.



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