While in college, the town or city you're in always creates great memories. When you're done with school, how many people place their roots in their college towns? Actually quite a lot.

College Ranker put together a list of the Top 50 Best College Towns To Live In Forever. Factors like community, neighborhoods, schools, become important for anyone to settle down. This list took a look at those factors, and cities and towns that strive to keep their graduates there. New York made the list twice: Ithaca and Syracuse.

Number 35 Ithaca

There is no denying that Ithaca has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. Also, Cornell University calls it home. Cornell is ranked in the top 20 colleges in the country.


Number 19 Syracuse

Syracuse is home to two research universities, Syracuse University and Upstate Medical University. We are no stranger here in Central New York knowing what Syracuse is known for. We have amazing arts, shopping, housing, and a great area to play and live.


Who Is Number One?

St. Augustine Florida came in at number one. What's there not to love about living in the sunshine state? St. Augustine is the oldest city in Florida, also home of Flagler College.





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