If you were to open a beer from 1886, chances are it would be extremely flat and skunked. However, a group of students in Upstate New York are trying to use one bottle to make a whole new batch.

One Upstate brewery, Serious Brewing Company of Howes Cave, with the help of students  in the Biotechnology program at the State University of New York at Cobleskill are attempting the impossible. They are attempting to brew a new beer from a 1886 bottle of beer from a shipwreck.


Yahoo reports the bottle of beer comes from the SS Oregon. The ship sank back in 1886, and the bottle of beer survived inside the wreck:

The ship was en route from Liverpool, England, to New York City with 852 people aboard on March 14, 1886, when it collided with a schooner near Fire Island, New York, and sank. All but one person survived."

What the style and type of brew it will be remains to be seen,  until it can be determined if the yeast can be identified.


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