Some people like dogs as pets, some people like cats as pets, in Upstate New York one family likes alligators as pets.

On August 14th, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation office received a call from a Hudson Valley wildlife rehabilitator reporting that a woman from the town of Mamakating wanted to turn over two alligators that she and her son had been raising as pets.

The Hudson Valley Post reports that the DEC collected the two alligators. Each were about three to four feet in length, according to the DEC.

The woman said she had caught one while fishing in Florida two years ago and her son purchased the other gator online from an unknown source, officials say. The unnamed mother and son added they wanted to give the alligators away because they were getting too big and difficult to take care of, the DEC reports."

The woman and her son were both issued tickets for illegal possession of live crocodile. The DEC is currently searching for a good home for the animals, possibly a zoo or education center.


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