Move over "I ❤️ NY," there's a new sign in town. Have you seen it in Utica yet?

All across the Empire State you can find the I ❤️ NY signs. There's one at the welcome center when you enter New York.

Photo Hot Spots

The signs are hot spots for family photos and selfies. Some companies even use them to advertise.

The sign is on clothing, billboards, stickers, and even in fields.

New Utica Sign

Now Utica has its own sign for taking selfies. The 5 large red letters have been installed to spotlight Utica. You'll find them in front of the Adirondack Bank Center on Oriskany Boulevard in Utica.

Wide Angle

If you want to take your own shot, you'll need a wide-angle lens or you'll have to CAREFULLY cross the road and take a picture from the median to get all 5 letters in the picture.


Utica Tower

This isn't the only sign honoring the handshake city. A 125-foot tower, overlooking the city, went up in North Utica in 2014. Oneida County took over ownership of the tower in 2019 after liability concerns threatened to have it torn down.

Photo via Big Frog 104
Photo via Big Frog 104

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