If you commonly travel Route 5/Seneca Turnpike in or out of New Hartford, you know the peril that awaits approaching the communities of Applewood and Cherrywood.  And if you live in one of those two communities you have probably had the frustration of trying to safely enter the highway more than once a day.  The Town of New Hartford is remedying the situation with a new traffic signal.

Applewood Community
Cherrywood Community

According to New York Department Of Transportation's website the signal should be active next week.

The town of New Hartford has installed a new traffic signal on State Route 5 at the entrance to the Applewood and Cherrywood Communities in the town of New Hartford, Oneida County. The new signal will be activated on Thursday, June 14, 2012 in flash mode, with a flashing yellow on Route 5 and a flashing red on Applewood and Cherrywood Boulevards. After approximately a week, the signal will revert to full three-color operation at the intersection.

The flashing road sign says the official activation date will now be Monday, June 25.  Are you glad there putting up the new traffic signal?  Where else do you think one is needed?

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