Well, that didn't take long. The former Denny's in New Hartford may already have a new tenant.

It was just a few weeks ago, in the beginning of January, when the Denny's on Seneca Turnpike unexpectedly closed its doors, giving employees and customers little notice.

Since then, the restaurant, which was only recently renovated, was listed for lease with Pavia Real Estate. Now, the sign that stands outside the building says "Lease Pending".

Credit: Pavia Real Estate/Screen Grab
Credit: Pavia Real Estate/Screen Grab

There's no word on who the new tenant might be, what the business might be, or when we can expect to see activity at the location.

We can speculate that since the building was only just renovated that another restaurant might be stepping in, but we won't know until the lease in finalized and the tenant is announced.

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