The new year brings new laws in New York state. From higher minimum wage and fighting ticket scalpers to being buried with your pets and tinted car windows.

1. Higher Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in New York is going up to $15 an hour. It will be phased in over time with the first increase to $9.70 going into effect December 31st, 2016.

2. Move Over Law Expansion

The Move-Over law in New York, first put into effect in 2012, is expanding to include volunteer emergency response vehicles. Drivers who violate the law could face a $275 fine and 3 points off their license.

3. Ticket Scalpers

A new law to combat unfair and illegal ticket buying practices creates penalties for those who use ‘ticket bots;’computer software that manipulates systems designed to limit the number of tickets to an event a person can buy. It also includes penalties for anyone who knowingly re-sells tickets they got from using a ticket bot

4. Buried with Your Pet

You can now be buried with your pet’s ashes in not-for-profit cemeteries in New York state.

5. Tinted Car Windows

If your front windshield and side windows block more than 30% of sunlight, your vehicle will not pass car inspection in 2017. The new law also applies to the rear window unless the vehicle has outside rear-view mirrors on both sides According to the DMV.

6. Teen Organ Donors

When 16-year-olds apply for a learners permit, they can now be an organ donor. The previous age was 18.

7. Breast Cancer Screening

Hundreds of New York hospitals have to extend breast cancer screening times by at least four hours to give women more time to make an appointment.

8. Funeral Food

Better late than never. New York has become one of the last states to allow light food to be served at funerals. It goes into effect January 17th.


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