The New Year brings resolutions and for many, that resolution is to get in shape. But how long does it last?

January is a month for new gym memberships or buying exercise equipment with the intention of working out at home. But they says the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Fitting, since exercise and hell go hand in hand.

The good intention road at our house is covered with clothes. The treadmill Tad wanted to lose weight now sits in the room and the only weight it's seen is from the clothes piled on top of it.


It's like the gym that travelled from Watertown, New York to Ohio, to Kentucky, to Arizona, before being sold so we didn't have to move it AGAIN to Utica. In all that time, it was probably used a half dozen times.

Or how about the gym membership that we may still be paying for. I think it was also used about a half a dozen times.

What piece of exercise equipment did you buy with the best of intentions that now sits collecting dust....or clothes?


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