Wendy's in New Hartford is closed, but not for long. The restaurant is getting a facelift.

Driving down Seneca Turnpike, I noticed construction outside Wendy's. Walls were boarded up and the parking lot was roped off. So I reached out to Wendy's to see what was going on.

The New Hartford Wendy's is the latest restaurant being redesigning as "part of a multi-year strategy to reinvigorate Wendy’s and enhance the total customer experience, including enhanced customer service and creating a more contemporary and welcoming dining environment."

The new restaurant will have WiFi, multiple TV’s and a fireplace. You'll also notice a new sign and bold curb appeal. It's expected to reopen in the next several weeks.

The new Wendy's will have a new staff too. They are hiring a general manager, restaurant manager, shift supervisors and crew members. You can apply by sending an email to lpscompanyhiring@gmail.com. Get more details at Wendy's website.


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