A brand new department store is expected to fill the vacancy left by Sears at the Sangertown Square mall. For a big name store to invest in this location shows the progress and hope that still exists there. There have been many stores to go in an out of the mall recently and every time there is a change in tenants people think the shopping giant's fate will change, but the mall will most likely always be there. When there is still a draw for a major department store, that is sure evidence of long-term success. According to The Utica OD,

The hole left by Sears when its Sangertown Square location closed in June reportedly is going to be filled this fall by Boscov’s, a regional department store.

What is Boscov's? It is a department store that was founded in 1914 by Solomon Boscov. It is your typical department store that has over 40 locations in the Northeast with its first store being opened in Pennsylvania. The store is expected to be opened sometime this Fall and The OD claims that a big announcement will be coming in the next few weeks. Get more details on what Boscov's has to offer on their website.

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