Here at Big Frog 104, we care about the health of all frogs worldwide. One Nebraska driver decided to use one of our fine brothers as a hostage during a altercation with police.

The Omaha World-Herald reports a man rolled his car, then held a frog hostage during an altercation with a deputy last week.

A deputy pulled over the vehicle near the intersection of Leota and Jeffers Streets. The driver involved in the crash was the passenger in that vehicle. He got out of the car and yelled at the deputy. The man picked up a frog and offered it to the deputy. But then he changed his mind, pulled it back and shouted that he was holding the animal hostage. He also yelled threats at the deputy."

Luckily, the frog was eventually freed, and the man was taken to Great Plains Health.
Drugs and possibly alcohol are suspected to have been factors in the incident.


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