If you're parents of college students, you may be moving them out of the dorm at the end of the spring semester in the next couple of weekends. I've done the drill many times, and there are two things that always seem to happen: 1. you can't find a parking place closer than 300 yards from the dorm and 2. the dorm elevator is out of service. Here are some helpful suggestions to share with your student before you get there.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Here are five tips to share with the college student in your family on moving out of the dorm, according to studentuniverse.com:

"1) Be Prepared

Know what is required when your room is inspected as some resident halls require you to remove everything and to leave the dorm room empty. Find out what you have to do with the keys and where the garbage goes.

2) Find Storage Place

If you live within driving distance to your parents’ house, then finding storage is already taken care of: just transport all your dorm furniture back to mom and dad. However, if you attend college out-of-state, on the other side of the country, or even abroad, then you will have to find a place to put all your belongings. First, check if your college allows you to place things on campus over the summer.

3) How to Pack

Separate your items into two piles: decide what you need with you over the summer and what you will not need until the fall. As you pack, you may come across a load of papers and brochures, books, food, and clothing that you don’t want or need anyone. Recycle the papers.

4) Tidying Up

Sweep and vacuum your dorm room, making sure you collect all the dust bunnies in the corner. Throw away any remaining garbage in the trash. Leave the room as clean as possible.

5) Final Look

Do one last sweep and search every nook and cranny- drawers, desk corners, under the bed, etc. – for anything (especially small items) you could have possibly missed. Do not forget to check out with your resident advisor. And you’re done!"

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