This will come as no surprise, especially for anyone who is living in the Empire State. New York is among the top states Americans don't want to live in anymore.

Nearly 90,000 residents left New York in their rearview mirrors between 2018 and 2019, according to Zippia. "From being too expensive to live there anymore to retirees living out their dream of retiring on a beach, there are lots of different reasons people are leaving."

The economy tops the list of reasons people are leaving New York in droves, which is also no surprise. What is a surprise is where they are heading - New Jersey. Why? You can buy a bigger home for less. And those homes have yards. New Yorkers are also calling Pennsylvania and Florida their new home state.

New York is behind Alaska, that tops the list of states people are moving out of, followed by West Virginia and Illinois

Zippia compiled the list of top states people just don't want to live in anymore using Census data.

We totaled the percent decrease or increase based on the total population. From there, we used state-to-state migration numbers to find the states that saw the highest influx of residents from the fastest, shrinking states.

Here's a list of the Top 10 states people are moving out of. To see where each of the 50 states land on the list, visit

1. Alaska
2. West Virginia
3. Illinois
4. New York
5. Vermont
6. Mississippi
7. Hawaii
8. New Jersey
9. Louisiana
10. Connecticut

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