Actually, there are 5 new tomatoes in town. Cornell's Agritech program has developed 5 new varieties of organic grape tomatoes. And whether you're gardening for yourself or an organic or conventional grower, these offer outstanding flavor and novel shapes and colors.

The new Galaxy Suite varieties are the brainchild of Phillip Griffiths, associate professor of plant breeding and genetics at Cornell. The five varieties are:

  • Yellow Fingerling Starlight
  • Orange "grape-shaped" Sungrazer
  • Red "grape-shaped" Comet
  • Marbled and Striped Supernova
  • Dark Purple, "pear-shaped" Midnight Pear

Tests have shown all 5 tomatoes grow well in the NorthEast whether in the garden or high tunnels and greenhouses.  They also produce without the use of chemicals. Currently, all 5 are available through High Mowing Organic Seeds.

Get more info on the Galaxy Suite varieties at Cornell's website. And of course, you can get answers to all your gardening questions from the Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension. Call the Horticulture Hotline from 9:00 am to noon Wednesdays and Fridays at 315-736-3394.


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