Before a mother passed away, she promised to always be there for her family. Easter Sunday she kept that promise.

Caitlyn Schuler lost her mom Mary McCall on December 29, 2017 while looking for a new home. "We just sold our home and moved to a camp in the interim, but the deal fell through. We found another one during her funeral and it reminded me so much of my childhood home and farm."

The first Easter in her new home in Westdale, New York, Catilyn noticed something out the window and remembered what her mother always use to say. "I was standing at the kitchen window where the sun was blasting through. My mom always told me when sun was shining it would be her giving us all hugs. If you look at the clouds above the barn they are shaped like an angel and there’s a blue orb."

Caitlyn says the family felt her presence on Easter Sunday. "We are all confident she was there with us. She'd never miss an egg hunt with her grand babies."

Photo Credit - Caitlyn Schuler
Photo Credit - Caitlyn Schuler

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