What are the most popular baby names in New York?

Picking the right name for your child is a big decision. They're going to be stuck with it forever. Unless of course, they decide to change it. So you want to get it right.

Kids get teased about everything these days. You don't want to saddle them with a name that'll make the teasing even worse, like Apple or Dick.

What's the most popular in the country? Jack if you're having a boy. Scarlett if you're having a girl. But what about in New York State?

NataliaDeriabina / Thinkstock / Getty Images
NataliaDeriabina / Thinkstock / Getty Images

Top Girl Names in New York

Mia and Ava were once the most popular in New York State but those names have faded over the past five years.

#1 Olivia
#2 Emma
#3 Sophia
#4 Charlotte moving up the list from #7 in 2021
#5 Amelia

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Top Boy Names in New York

James, Jacob, and Ethan were once the names at the top of the list in New York. However, all three names have become less popular over the last five years.

#1 Liam
#2 Noah
#3 Lucas
#4 Joseph
#5 Benjamin moving up from #7 in 2021

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Unique to New York

New York shares several popular baby names with the rest of the country but there are some unique to the state.

Unique Boy Names

1. Salvatore
2. Irving
3. Gerard
4. Dominick
5. Angelo

Unique Girl Names

1. Rosemarie
2. Eileen
3. Maureen
4. Muriel
5. Antoinette

Check out the most popular baby names in your state at Names.org.

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