Ever hang in a group of people and notice that either you or someone else is getting bitten by mosquitoes, but not others?No, it's not because of a lack of bug spray... It could be because of some things that you have control over and others, not. Here's the mosquito's favorite recipe:

Type O blood, larger body size, just drank alcohol or exerted yourself physically and wearing darker clothing.

Here's why: people with type O blood are 85% more likely to get bitten than other types. Mosquitoes also dig CO2 and lactic acid which is excreted in greater amounts from larger body sizes and when you drink or exercize. As far as the clothing thing: because mosquitos fly low to the ground, dark clothing stands out against the sky versus lighter colors that blend better.

So, if you stay inactive in a lawn chair, don't drink, wear lighter colored clothing and hangout in a group of people larger in size than you, you shouldn't have to put on the bug spray!

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