It won't need anywhere near the remodeling it did in the movie, but it also comes with a much heftier price tag. The home featured in the Tom Hank-Shelly Long movie, The Money Pit actually sits in New York and is currently on the market.

The Money Pit Mansion resides at 199 Feeks Lane in Locust Valley, NY on Long Island.  According to Internet Movie Database, much of the remodeling featured in the movie was done on a sound stage, but some destruction did take place on the real home, much to the dismay of the owners who had it on the market at the time. To appease them, the director put them in the film's closing credits.

It took 4 months for the movie version of the house to be completed. Following filming it would be another 4 years before the mansion was restored.

The 23-room home has seven large ensuite bedrooms plus a four-room master suite, an eat-in kitchen, eight fireplaces including one in the grand foyer, large formal rooms, study, pool and pool house.

Walter and Anna purchased the home for $200, 000 in 1986, but it goes for a bit more now. The estate sets on 5.5 acres and is listed for $5.9 million. Here's more information on purchasing the home.

SOURCE: Top Ten Real Estate Deals

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