Soldiers returning home are always a joy to watch, but when Sgt. Jake Metcalf landed in Syracuse his wife gave him a surprise he didn't see coming.

Metcalf's wife Kellie is 9 months pregnant with the couple's first child, and waited for him as he arrived at Hancock Airport, complete with a handmade sign.

The surprise came as Jake stepped off the escalator.

As the couple met and hugged each other for the first time in months, Kellie whispered into Jakes ear "my water just broke."

So the couple who had just been reunited got to spend their first moments together heading to the hospital for delivery.

As emotional soldier reunions go, this one has it all. The best part is Jake arrived home at the perfect moment in time, and was able to witness the birth of his son.

You can see the reunion and the moment Kellie tells Jake her water broke in video from below:


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