With gas prices well below $2.50 a gallon, we aren't hearing much complaining about the cost, as opposed to when gas was well over $3.00 a couple years back.  The price per gallon does seem to be inching upwards from month to month.

If you take a look around Upstate New York, you will find prices in the Mohawk Valley are higher than in most other areas.  According to gasbuddy.com, the average cost for a gallon of regular in the Utica zip codes is $2.38.  The lowest reported price is 2.29.

In Herkimer, the average is $2.40, with the lowest price at $2.32.  In Rome, the average is now $2.33 per gallon, with the lowest price at $2.27.

However, travel towards Syracuse, and you'll find lower prices.  The salt city average is $2.27, with the lowest reported price at $2.12.

If you go east, you'll find prices slightly lower than the Mohawk Valley.  The average price per gallon in the Albany zip codes is $2.28 per gallon, with the lowest price reported at $2.15.

By the way, go to Cooperstown, and the average is $2.44.  The prices only vary by pennies per gallon.  But if you drive a lot, those gallons add up.


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