A Middletown man is set for life after hitting the jackpot in the New York lottery.

Robin Poptanich won on the $10,000 a Week for Life scratch off ticket and he has an early call into work to thank. “I service medical equipment for a living and arrived early to a service call that day,” Poptanich told the New York Lottery. “I decided to stop at a store and buy some Lottery scratch-off tickets to occupy the time.”

Poptanich bought two tickets at Fort Montgomery Food. “I scratched the tickets in my car and lost on the first one. It was the second one that was the big winner! I immediately called my wife and daughter to tell them the good news. I then made an appointment to meet with my lawyer to discuss claiming the prize.”

After taxes Poptanich will enjoy spending $344,136 every year for the rest of his life. “My initial plans are to take care of my family and buy a new house,” Poptanich says. “I already made plans to retire. After that we’ll travel and just enjoy life.”

What would you do with 10 grand every week for the rest of your life?


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