A central New York billboard proves it's critical to proofread.

The billboard for MVHS promotes treatable strokes at the stroke center but I see something missing. The sign reads 'Time is CRITCAL' not CRITICAL.

Cheryl Washburn captured the misprint on Martin Street in Rome near the train station.

Look on the bright side. The misprint is bringing more attention to the billboard most drive past every day and never even notice.

Misspelled signs happen more often than you think. Remember the sign directing traffic to the SRYACUSE airport?


Or how about the sign near Turning Stone warning drivers of a road closure on WEDESDAY.

Amanda Reed

Then there was the misprint on diplomas for the graduating class of CINTON Central School.


If you notice a misspelled billboard, or a typo, because we all make mistakes...email Polly@BigFrog104.com