It's not every day you see a bird like this. Can you help us find the owner?

Imagine having this colorful looking bird show up in your driveway. What looks like a pigeon that got slimed, is actually someone's pet and they're in desperate need of finding it's owner.

Credit - Karleigh Wendell
Credit - Karleigh Wendell

Karleigh Wendell recently put out a post on Facebook, trying to find the owner of a cute lost bird in her neighborhood. She says the bird just appeared in her driveway one day, on East Street in Cassville, and they have no idea were it came from.

According to Karleigh, the bird is very friendly and not afraid of people. She and her fiancé assume the bird is someone's lost pet because it responds to calls and will let them hold/pet it.

And also... when's the last time you've seen a neon green bird flying around?

Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash
Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

What Even is It?

Based off my bird expertise, and the power of Google, the bird appears to be a Budgerigar. It's a small, long-tailed parrot or parakeet and considered one of the most common parrots kept as pets in the United States.

So good news, it's not some nuclear or mutated pigeon. But the bad news, we still don't know where the bird came from.

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In her latest update, Karleigh says they took the bird to a local wildlife center to be taken care of. The bird was very malnourished and had a low body temp when they brought it in. The parrot is now on a heating blanket and slowly getting healthier every day.

Credit - Karleigh Wendell
Credit - Karleigh Wendell

Help Us Find the Owner

Do you know whose pet this is? If not, help us find the owner by sharing this post. The quicker we can get this little dude back to their home the better! You can bet their owner is worried sick about it, especially with how cool the bird looks.

If you do know the owner, you can shoot us a message on our app, Facebook page, OR contact Karleigh for more information.

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