Have you seen the gossip on Facebook about Miley Cyrus moving to Watertown? Is there any sort of truth to this rumor?

Unfortunately, no. Just like Robert Downey JR moving to Albany, and various other celebrities moving to Upstate New York, this story is very false. The story was posted to the Baldwin Post,  which is a “satirical news site”, meaning the story is fake. This site is very much like The Onion, and is designed for fake news stories and humor:

“I know it sounds kind of crazy but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’ve visited Watertown, New York a few times over the years and the people there have always seemed like the most genuine and sincere people I think I’ve ever met and most of them had no idea who I was which is kind of a great thing sometimes, to be honest. No place is perfect but Watertown just feels like home to me and it’ll be a nice change from what I’ve been used to,” Cyrus told the magazine."

These websites need to change their celebrity quotes up a little too!

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