Wild West FrogFest & Rodeo keeps getting bigger. Meet Lindsay Ell, the latest artist added to the lineup at Utica Rome Speedway, July 23rd.

Ell will represent country women when she takes the FrogFest stage with her guitar. "The guitar is like another limb of my body so we come as one."

Instead of being bothered by the stereotypical reactions she gets before some shows, Lindsay see's it as a challenge. "When I walk into a venue wearing a pink t-shirt, high heels carrying a guitar, I whip out the guitar and I get the eye rolls. It's my favorite thing to win them over on stage."

I love both of them (Montgomery Gentry and Eric Paslay) and I can't wait. I'm so excited to see everyone

The Canadian born singer was actually discovered by Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive when she was only 15 years-old. "Randy became like another dad to me growing up. He taught me how to play guitar and write music."

From Canada to Nashville, Ell has seen the world touring with other artists in the UK and Europe where she discovered the commitment and passion of country music fans. "You're in countries that don't even speak English and fans went on YouTube to learn the words to my songs and sang along to every one."

When Ell isn't touring or writing music she somehow finds time to teach guitar lessons on Facebook. "It's one of my favorite things for fans to come up and tell me I've inspired them to start learning how to play guitar. I do it every week and I dedicate each lesson to a fan. It's been very well received which I'm always surprised to see."

You can meet Ell at FrogFest, where she's excited to come play. "I always love coming to the Northeast and I feel like we haven't been up there enough this year."

Ell joins Montgomery Gentry and Eric Paslay at Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo July 23rd at the Utica Rome Speedway. "I love both of them and I can't wait. I'm so excited to see everyone."

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