Can you believe Survivor has been on the air for 26 seasons?  Survivor Caramoan will bet fans vs favorites and will premiere on CBS February 13th at 8.p.m.  Meet the cast of the new season and see if one of your favorites is returning.

The Bikal Tribe of Favorites are:
Malcolm from Philippines - loved him and thought he should have won!
Cochran from Survivor South Pacific - sly and crafty but really annoying
Phillip from Redemption Island - there are no words to describe Phillip and his pink underwear
Brandon from Survivor South Pacific - Russel Hantz nephew, nuf said
Erik from Micronesia - conned by a bunch of women and made dumbest move in Survivor history.  Maybe he can redeem himself.
Francesca from Redemption Island - I only remember her because Phillip could NEVER pronounce her name. And she was annoying
Dawn from Survivor South Pacific
Andrea from Redemption Island
Corinne from Survivor Gabon
Brenda from Survivor Nicaragua


The fans make up the Gota tribe


Watch the video to meet this year's fans vs favorites contestants.

One more will be awarded the $1 million prize. Do you think it will be a fan or a favorite? The returning players usually are the first to go.

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