Big Frog, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County and Wagner Farms want you to meet the hard working families keeping us fed and clothed. This week we salute the Teel Farms in Barneveld.

Jeremy and Carly Teel, his mom, Trudy, and their children, Ty and Ali farm approximately 2000 acres on N. Gage Road in Barneveld. They've been at the location for about 20 years mainly crop farming and raising a few beef cattle. Their main focus is on corn, soybeans, oats, and hay. Jeremy grew up on his parents dairy farm in New Jersey before they relocated to Oneida County where he graduated from Poland High School.

The Teel's are well known for their sweet corn they sell to the public during the summer. In the last few years, they have added a 10 acre pumpkin patch with U-Pick pumpkins available in the fall. To show there's still plenty of kids in their hearts, the family opens a corn maze and hay ride complete with a petting zoo in the fall too. Carly tells us Jeremy has added a huge slide into the corn pit as well. To celebrate Halloween they invite friends over and put on a haunted hayride and corn maze for the public about 2 weeks before the holiday.

This year the Teel's salute America with a God Bless the USA corn maze.

Photo Credit - Teel Farm

A big thank you to Becky Covey for nominating Teel Farms saying the whole family with a couple of assistants go from sun up to sun down everyday keeping the farm operating. An even bigger thank you to The Teel's for keeping us fed and clothed in less than ideal economic times.

Submitted by Teel Farms

Jeremy Teel and Daughter Ali, Teel Farms in Barneveld

Submitted by Teel Farms

Carly Teel, Teel Farms in Barneveld

Submitted by Teel Farms

Never too young to be a farmer, Ty Teel, Teel Farms in Barneveld

Submitted by Teel Farms

Gotta make hay when the sun shines and even after it goes down, Teel Farms in Barneveld

Submitted by Teel Farms

Ali Teel, gotta get those cat naps in farming is an all day job, Teel Farms in Barneveld

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Photo Credit - Cornell Cooperative Extension

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