Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference. A Little Falls, New York farmer helped a 95-year-old stranger fulfill his dream of riding in a chopper.

There is an elderly man who drives by himself from Cobleskill, New York to watch farmers harvest the fields in Central New York. "I don’t know his name but he comes up several times throughout the harvest season," said Eric Gehring, a farmer in Little Falls. "I think this is the same guy that watched us chop hay one day," said Dan Brownell.

The gentleman often sits and watches the farmers in the field for hours. One day he got to do more than just watch. "All he’s been wanting to do is get up in the chopper," said Gehring, who with a little help from Kay Lipiec and Brian Senf, made his dream come true. "He was so happy."

Credit - Eric Gehring
Credit - Eric Gehring

Gehring said the man enjoyed himself so much, he's planning another ride. "He’s coming back to do it again."

This is just one more sign of the generosity and kindness shown by the farming community, who are always the first to lend a hand, no questions asked. "We help because that’s what any decent human being would do," said Gehring.

Too bad there weren't more people in the world who had the same mentality as the working farmers.

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