A resident of Onondaga County has been diagnosed with measles 13 days after an exposure to a measles. The health department is asking people who shopped at the Wegman's at 4438 James Street in Syracuse to be on alert.

If you've visited the store on these following dates and times, the local health department would like to hear from you ASAP:

July 7 (3:30 PM- 11 PM)
July 8 (9:30 AM-8 PM)
July 10 (2:30 PM-10 PM)

Contact the Onondaga County Health Department hotline at 315-435-5752 Saturday, July 15th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. This will help identify those individuals who may have been exposed to the disease.

Measles is a very contagious viral illness. The illness starts with high fever, cough, red eyes, and skin rash. The rash usually appears about 14 days after a person is exposed. The rash spreads from the head to the trunk to the lower extremities. Patients are considered to be contagious from 4 days before to 4 days after the rash appears. Symptoms such as fever, red eyes, cough, and skin rash can develop until July 31st. If you develop symptoms, please call your medical provider first then call the OCHD at 315-435-5752.



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