Maren Morris is due to give birth to her baby boy any day now, but she wasn't letting that stop her from performing at the legendary Houston Rodeo.

The 'GIRL' singer put on her sparkles and fringe and rocked the stage, sounding amazing as ever. Her performance at the Houston Rodeo was not just another show. She had a crowd of 64,661 fans. Now that's a lot of people.

"If I go into labor during this show, it’s all good because it just means that my kid really wanted to be born in Texas,” Maren told the crowd, according to Chron.

Watch Maren slay her latest single, "The Bones," from Saturday's show:

Not only is Maren willing to get up on stage at 9 months pregnant, she'll also be going on tour just months after she gives birth. She'll be in central New York at Turning Stone June 26. Find tickets and details here.

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