Are you the kind of person who can't function without a cup of coffee? I know I'm the kind of person who can't function without bacon. What if we mixed these two together? Well thanks to the Bewdly Coffee Company, we now can. 

Our friends over at Bewdly have released a Maple Bacon Coffee. Think about it, it totally makes sense! Combine two amazing flavors of breakfast.

We pour the maple bacon flavor on our slow smoked beans like syrup, letting them soak up all the wonderful bacon goodness. Each cup will taste sweet, savory, and delicious without all the fat and grease. Your entire kitchen, office, or café will smell like a Sunday breakfast."

How in the world could you not want that smell? Currently you can buy this gem of a product for $16.99 for a 1 pound bag. This company may be your new friend because it also brews Vanilla Bourbon coffee.



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