Well, think of it. You're in college and your majoring in something that really interests you. You're grades are great and it's green pastures ahead. Well, it may not be all peaches and cream after graduation. 89 percent of people polled in a Rasmussen Report say it will be 'somewhat difficult' for college students to find a job after graduation due to the current economy.

What's more is that 56 percent of the people polled say it's going to be 'very difficult' to get a job.

But, although people say the job market may not look great for college grads, 90 percent of "all adults feel that a college degree is at least somewhat important" when job opportunities come knocking. There were 8 percent polled that said a college degree is not important to have when finding a job.

The full story from the Rasmussen Report can be found on their website--click here to read it.

What are your feelings on it? Do you feel that jobs are hard to come by for recent college grads?