Imagine minding your own business, doing your shopping, when love hits. That's exactly what happened to one man at the Rome Price Chopper

In this week's edition of CraigsList Missed Connections, one man writes about a beautiful woman he saw shopping for produce:

I saw you, you were beautiful, sweet, and sexy looking too. We smiled at each other and even looked at each other a couple of times. You were wearing jeans and nice top with a jacket, I was the one in work pants and a t-shirt, and blue jean jacket(I'm Hispanic, and I think you liked me too)We were in the produce section, I was buying veggies to make a stew, don't know what you were buying because I was struck by your beauty and sweet smile. Hope you see this as I would love to have a beautiful Lady in my life like you forever, being I'm single. Please reply with details and a picture, okay?"

Were you the woman with the jeans and a nice top? If so, this lovely man would like you to contact him Click Here.



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