Kevin McCallister wasn't the only one who made his family disappear. A man was left behind at a rest stop in New York in what sounds like a scene right out of the movie Home Alone.

New York State Police were called to check on the welfare of an elderly man at the Whitney Point Rest Area off Interstate 81. Turns out he was accidentally left behind by his family after he stepped out of the car to stretch his legs. Something police say happens more often than you think.

"It’s not really that uncommon for travelers to be left behind.

The man had no wallet so he couldn't eat any junk food or watch any rubbish. He couldn't even order pizza and tell the delivery driver to "keep the change you filthy animal."


The man didn't have a phone to call his family either. Trooper TJ Conklin was able to use his internet skills to locate family members. "None of the phone numbers were correct," said State Police.

The trooper finally got an answer from a family member in another state, who was able to make contact with the gentleman’s family members in the car.

They had just realized that he wasn’t sleeping in the backseat where he had left his jacket over some baggage.


The man’s family had already traveled three hours away before realizing he wasn't in the car.

Trooper Conklin was kind enough to drive the gentleman to Roscoe, New York where they all had dinner at a local diner.

Well done Trooper Conklin for showing compassion and working diligently to help locate this man’s family.

We're happy to hear the family has been reunited. Let this be a lesson to make sure everyone is loaded before pulling away.

Now, we'll wait to hear if Hollywood uses it for another Home Alone sequel.

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