After hibernating for the winter, Krazy Kimmer the Remsen Redneck is back. This week she's giving a makeup tutorial.

Krazy Kimmer doesn't buy makeup, she makes her own. "You don't gotta pay for all that fancy makeup at stores. I just use stuff I got around the house."

The eyeshadow is a mix of cigarette ashes and giggle water. "I call it giggle nightness because it looks so good."

The lipstick is a combination of hot sauce and Kool-Aid mix. "That's why they call me Redneck hot lips and it tastes good."

The blush? More Kool-Aid. "Sexy beast right here."

For the final touch; sprinkle some fairy dust in the hair.

Don't forget the giggle water.

Tune in next Friday when Krazy Kimmer takes a dip in the pool that's finally open.


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