Krazy Kimmer, the Remsen Redneck, gives a glimpse into the life of Krazy country folk. This week she's getting ready for the holidays with her Redneck Christmas tree.

The Redneck tree is a tradition at Kimmer's house. "My uncle Goober, don't ask me why we call him Goober, you don't want to know. He started this tradition. Grandma Nanny sat around chain smoking. Woman sure could smoke. The rest of the family sat around drinking so we could decorate our Redneck tree."

The garland is a family affair made out of butts, popcorn, beer tabs. "We always put our empties on the branches."

The Redneck Christmas tree is missing the star on top. "That's where the good ole giggle water comes in handy. That's my star this year," says Kimmer. "I'm sure hopin' Santa comes and brings me some more giggle water."

Krazy Kimmer
Krazy Kimmer

Tune in next Friday to see what Krazy Kimmer will do next.


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